Weather conditions in 10 day periods with LSA SAF DLST

LSA SAF Derived Land Surface Temperature provides an excellent overview of weather conditions in 10 day periods
  • Feb. 7, 2019

    LSA SAF Derived Land Surface Temperatures (DLST; LSA-003) are obtained every ten days from all available 15 minute Meteosat LST (LSA-001) within that period. Temporal compositing and modelling of the diurnal temperature cycle results in representative and spatially continuous maps of LST, which are a very helpful indicator of past weather conditions, e.g. allowing to identify regions affected by heat waves and droughts. The figures display minimum temperature (left) and temperature amplitude (right) obtained from median composites of two consecutive 10-day periods in August 2017. The first period from 1-10 August 2017 (top) was dominated by a strong heat wave over most of southern Europe, which is clearly reflected by very high minimum temperatures and high temperature amplitudes. In the second period from 11-20 August 2017 (bottom) the summer heat wave already receded from Italy and southeastern Europe, but it still remained very warm in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula. More details on DLST can be found HERE.