A User Tool to Aid Exploitation of LSA SAF Products

How to aggregate evapotranspiration data from LSA SAF files quickly?
  • June 3, 2019

    Figure 1 - MSG Toolbox Welcome tab.

    Are you a new user and you would like to get the monthly accumulation of evapotranspiration over your country quickly? Use version 2.0 MSG Toolbox under Windows to generate georeferenced data (e.g. GeoTIFF) over your country, which can be imported in your favourite software. For Linux users, please see the last paragraph.

    MSG Toolbox is a Java-based software intended for efficient processing of operational LSA SAF products in order to make possible further analyses and use in GIS and remote sensing software. Its primary objective is the production of daily composites from sub-daily (i.e., 15 min, 30 min, hourly) frequency input products. Additionally, n-daily or periodic (10-daily, monthly and yearly) composites can be produced from respectively sub-daily and daily frequency input products. The software is able to remap data into lat/lon coordinate system over the user-defined domain of choice. Output can be saved in three different file formats: IDL-ENVI, GeoTIFF and Integrated Land and Water Information System (ILWIS).

    MSG Toolbox has four tabs, as is displayed in Figure 1 on the left:

    • Welcome tab: basic information about the software.

    • Grids tab: grid definition and remapping.

    • Compositing tab: select data and define scenarios for temporal compositing.

    • Processing tab: track processing of input data.

    Daily evapotranspiration data from LSA SAF (DMET, LSA-312) are aggregated using MSG Toolbox. Figure 2 below displays four different monthly composites for June 2018: average, maximum and minimum evapotranspiration as well as the monthly sum of evapotranspiration over the western half of Europe. Other LSA SAF products can also be imported in the software. For example, fire, vegetation, land surface temperature, radiation fluxes, and surface albedo products (see the MSG Toolbox manual for full details).

    Figure 2 - Monthly composites (average, maximum, minimum and sum) calculated from LSA SAF DMET data. The composites were made for June 2018 using MSG Toolbox.