New operational data access service and discontinuation of website orders

New LSA SAF data access service becomes operational
  • March 24, 2023

    With the increased availability of long climate data records of several LSA SAF products, the LSA SAF website's long time series orders system had some limitations in providing an accessible and fast data access to users. 

    A new data access service has been developed to expose the whole LSA SAF data archive online, making it accessible via HTTPS and WebDAV. After a successful deployment in October 2022 and positive user feedback, we are happy to announce that the data access service is now declared operational. 

    The new data access service is available at and we recommend the data service user guide for details on how to explore the archive and download the products. Ipython notebook examples are also provided to access the data. Users feedback and contributions are very welcome. 

    The LSA SAF website’s long time series orders system will be discontinued on April 2023 and all users accounts in will be deleted.