LSA SAF 4th User Training Workshop
Météo-France Conferences International Centre, Toulouse, France
15-17 November 2010

The 4th LSA SAF User Training Workshop will take place in Toulouse, France from 15 to 17 November 2010 at the Météo-France Conferences International Centre.




The main purpose of the LSA SAF is to develop techniques to retrieve parameters related with land, land-atmosphere interactions, and biospheric applications, using data from satellites, with special emphasis on Meteosat and Metop series. The LSA SAF system currently generates and distributes on an operational basis the following products : land surface temperature, albedo, downward surface short and long wave fluxes, snow cover, vegetation parameters (FVC, LAI, and FAPAR), evaporation, and a suite of forest fire products.



4th LSA SAF User Workshop
Météo France


List of Participants
Météo France


List of Abstracts
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Welcome Météo-France SAF Land Users Workshop
Philippe Bougeault
The EUMETSAT Satellite Applications Facility on Land Surface Analysis
Lothar Schüller
4th landsaf ws 2010-2011
Pedro Viterbo

Session 1 : Forest and Vegetation

Status GOESR land product
Yunyue Yu
Capability of SEVIRI/MSG for large-scale monitoring of vegetation condition
J. García-Haro
LAI remote sensing products and simulated LAI: an inter-comparison over France
Sébastien Lafont
Global Fire Emission Monitoring with Fire Radiative Power in the MACC Project
Johannes W. Kaiser
Use of Satelllite Land Surface Products for Assessment of Vegetation Fire Conditions over Bulgaria
Julia Stoyanova
Monitoring of gas flares with MSG active fire data - A new application of the Land SAF FRP PIXEL product
Keith Peterson / Peter Navratil
The operational MSG SEVIRI fire radiative power products generated at the Land-SAF
Martin Wooster

Session 2 : Carbon and Water

Monitoring soil and vegetation fluxes of carbon and water at the global scale: towards a GMES service
Calvet JC
First Results of the LAND SAF project on reference crop evapotranspiration
Henk de Bruin / Isabel Trigo
Remote sensing derived evapotranspiration: comparisons to observations and models and results over the full MSG disk and selected basins
A. Arboleda
Regional evapotranspiration based on MSG SEVIRI and polar orbiting satellite data
Inge Sandholt
Mapping Daily Evapotranspiration using Geostationary and Polar Orbiting Satellite Imagery
M.C. Anderson

Session 3 : Applications for Africa

LAND-SAF application within ALMIP Phase 2
Aaron Boone
Potential for Detecting Canopy Water Stress using Geostationary MSG-SEVIRI SWIR Data
Rasmus Fensholt
ECOCLIMAP-II/Africa: A twofold database at 1km resolution of ecosystems and land surface parameters for meteorological applications
Armel Kaptué
Comparison of MSG-SEVIRI and SPOT-VEGETATION data for vegetation monitoring over Africa
Bernard Lacaze
Assessing the use of LSA SAF VEGA data for environmental monitoring in Africa: Fractional cover and natural vegetation condition assessment
J. F. Pekel
AMESD SADC THEMA OVERVIEW, Drought Monitoring Service
J Malherbe / T Newby
Opportunite De L'utilisation des Donnees METEOSAT Seconde Generation pour un Developpment Durable en Cote D'Ivoire
Fofana Ibrahim

Session 4 : SRB

Assimilation of LandSAF albedo product in a limited area NWP model
Jure Cedilnik
ESA GlobAlbedo
Gerardo López Saldaña
Land Surface Temperature, Emissivity and Long-Wave Downwlling Fluxes from MSG Observations: current status and way forward
Isabel Trigo
Assessment of Met Office forecasting models with SEVIRI LSTs
J. M. Edwards
Operational derivation of surface albedo and down-welling short-wave radiation based on MSG observations
D. Carrer
Snow cover mapping using METOP/AVHRR data
Niilo Siljamo
Assimilation of Low-level SEVIRI IR Observations Over Land
Stephanie Guedj
MODIS Albedo, Nadir BRDFAdjusted Reflectance (NBAR) and Reflectance Anisotropy Products (MCD43): The First Decade
Crystal Schaaf

Posters Presentations

Characterisation of Permanent LST Validation Sites with Field Surveys and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Folke Olesen
Validation results for Land Surface Temperature
Folke Olesen