LSA SAF 5th User Training Workshop
Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany
17-19 June 2013

The 5th user Workshop of the Land Surface Analysis (LSA) - Satellite Application Facilities (SAF) will take place in Karlsruhe from 17. June to 19. June 2013 and will be hosted by KIT.


Karlsruhe Group


The workshop aims at promoting LSA SAF products, their applications, as well as maintaining a close dialogue with the user community. LSA SAF User Workshops are an excellent forum to discuss the adequacy of product user requirements, and to establish their needed evolution. The 5th LSA SAF Workshop focuses on bringing together experts in remote sensing of land surfaces and users of satellite products.


The main purpose of the LSA SAF is to develop techniques to retrieve parameters related with land, land-atmosphere interactions, and biospheric applications, using data from satellites, with special emphasis on Meteosat and Metop series. The LSA SAF system currently generates and distributes on an operational basis the following products : land surface temperature, albedo, downward surface short and long wave fluxes, snow cover, vegetation parameters (FVC, LAI, and FAPAR), evaporation, and a suite of forest fire products.



5th LSA SAF User Workshop
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie


The EUMETSAT Satellite Applications Facility on Land Surface Analysis
Isabel Trigo

Session 1 - Monitoring Land Surfaces from Space: Vegetation, Wild Fires and Drought

The vegetation monitoring in LSA SAF: overview and potential applications
J. García-Haro
Usage of remote sensing derived data for drought monitoring in Slovenia
M. Bostjan
Global analysis of canopy-scale chlorophyll fluorescence retrievals from MetOp-A/GOME-2 data
M. Voight
Global monitoring of terrestrial sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence from GOSAT/FTS and MetOp-A/GOME-2 space measurements
L. Guanter
LSA-SAF evapotranspiration products: state, updates & perspectives
A. Arboleda
Assessment of the EUMETSAT LSA-SAF Evapotranspiration Product for Agricultural Drought Monitoring in Europe
G. Sepulcré-Cantó
The ESA WACMOS-ET project: advancing in the production of evapotranspiration from satellite observations
C. Jímenez
Daily maps of fire danger over Mediterranean Europe
C. DaCamara
Pyrogeography of the Iberian Peninsula
T. Calado
Global Land Products from Copernicus
Bruno Smets

Session 2 - Monitoring Land Surfaces from Space: Surface Radiation

Land Surface Albedo and Downwelling Shortwave Radiation from MSG Geostationary Satellite: Method for retrieval, validation, and impact assessment in NWP and LSM Models
J.-L. Roujean
US JPSS S-NPP Land Surface Temperature Product: Beta and Provisional Releases
Y. Yu
Validating LST and inter comparing observations from polar orbit and geostationary satellites by means of a model of illumination and viewing geometries
S. Ermida
Using satellite-derived land surface characteristics for land surface analysis at the UK Met Office
S. Pullen
All-weather estimates of the land surface skin temperatures from a combined analysis of microwave and infrared satellite observations
C. Jimenez
Taking the Temperature of Earth: Steps towards Integrated Understanding of Variability and Change
S. Matthiesen
Application of ground measurements from KIT-run stations to the validation of LST from AATSR
D. Ghent/F. Göttsche
Wetland inventory and variability over the last two decades at a global scale
Carlos Jimenez
LSA SAF 'Derived LST products' for MSG/SEVIRI
F. Göttsche
Overview of Climate Data Records of the EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring
R. Hollmann
Combined Use of Vis/IR and Microwave Remote Sensing Data to Diagnose the Closure Relationship Between Land-Surface Water and Energy Balance
D. Entekabi

Posters Presentations

A 10-daily NDVI composite derived from METOP-AVHRR
B. Smets
LSA SAF 'Derived LST products' for MSG/SEVIRI
F. Göttsche
Land Surface Temperature Comparison methods and regional validation initiative
F. Olesen

Karlsruhe Group