Forestry & Wild Fires

The Largest Wildfire in Slovenia in Recent Decades

Analysing Fires with LSA SAF Fire Radiative Power Pixel

After a long and pronounced dry period, the Kras border region in SW Slovenia and NE Italy experienced summer conditions that favoured the ignition of larger fires. The largest wildfire in Slovenia in recent decades broke out in mid-July 2022. We analysed the evolution of the wildfire and its radiative power using the LSA SAF Fire Radiative Power Pixel (LSA SAF FRP, LSA-502) fire product derived from MSG/SEVIRI.

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Satellite Detected Fires over Europe in 2022

Analysing fires with LSA SAF Fire Radiative Power in the summer fire season

The EFFIS data indicate that there were substantially more fire events in 2022 than in the reference years of 2006-2021.

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Wildfires swept Southern Europe in summer 2021

Monitoring wildfires with LSA SAF products

During summer 2021 many wildfires broke out over Mediterranean Europe after a long period of warm and dry weather and have destroyed excessive forest areas and other ecosystems, which will take years to recover.

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August 2020 Wild Fires in Huelva, Spain

Using LSA SAF Fire products to forecast and monitoring

Several wild fires broke out in wider area of south west Iberian peninsula in 2020. Aiming to prevent such situation or monitoring area that have higher probability of wild fire the fire Risk Map product of LSA SAF (FRM, LSA-204; ) can be used.

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Autumn 2019 Fire Activity in Southeast Europe

Detecting fire occurrence and radiative power from satellite

Year 2019 was above average in terms of number of wildfires in Europe. In Southeast Europe, many fires ignited at the end of October after a longer period of dry and warm weather. Several bigger forest fires started to burn in the mountainous and hilly regions of south Serbia along the border with Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

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Estimation of Gross Primary Production from Space

Biomass production of terrestrial ecosystems

Gross primary production (GPP) in terrestrial ecosystems refers to the total amount of carbon fixed by plants in the process of photosynthesis in a given length of time, part of which is eventually accumulated as biomass.

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Wildfires in Iberia

This showcase refers to the big fires that hit Portugal on the 17th of June 2017

Daily radiative energy emitted by landscape fires burning within the Iberian Peninsula.
Values based on the Fire Radiative Power - Pixel Product (FRP-Pixel) delivered by LSA SAF.

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